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2.5 Air Bumps

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Tired of feeling that hard jolt when your suspension bottoms out? If so, it might be time to add a set of air bump stops to your suspension.

Bumps stops are what limit the suspension travel when it is fully compressed. Most vehicles rely on rubber, or hard urethane, stops to limit the up travel of the suspension. These stops are common, easy, and inexpensive. The downside in the jarring feeling inside the vehicle when the suspension reaches it's upward travel limit. It's like going from 100mph to a full stop instantly.

Air bump stops are like miniature shock absorbers and are designed to progressively slow the upward travel of the suspension.

The result is a much smoother and controlled feel when the suspension fully compresses on hard g-outs and abrupt transitions.

ADS air bump stops utilize the same technology and components that are found in ADS other suspension components. An o ring is also installed on the bump shaft to make it easy to see how far the suspension is traveling upward.


  • Heat treated spring steel valve shim material-Spring steel has a much higher yield strength insuring that the valve shims will not deform or break even after repeated shock g-outs.
  • 7075 T6 Hard Anodized aluminum piston-7075 hard anodized aluminum is 63 percent harder than 6061 and over twice as strong, which makes the piston incredibly resistant to heat and warping, even under the most extreme conditions.
  • Replaceable Urethane Bump Pad-Over time and repeated stops the pad of the bump stop can get worn. A urethane pad wears nicely and doesn't make the noise of a metal pad striking a metal bump plate. The urethane also does not cause any damage to metal components on which the bump strikes.
  • ADS air bump stops, like other ADS suspension components, are fully adjustable and can rebuilt in your garage. ADS air bump stops can be completely disassembled using basic hand tools and ADS offers replacement parts and accessories so that air bump stops can be rebuilt, upgraded, or revalved, at home.