2017 Ford Raptor Gen 2 ProLite Body

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The FiberwerX design team has done it again! with the popularity of the 1st gen Raptor body we decided a second gen version was a must, mimicking the cues of the new Raptor and giving it a uniqueness of the signature FiberwerX design we integrated the distinct headlight design as well as the grille to most closely match the lines of this body, also available are our own headlight stickers and grille with our logo to match.

  • Pricing Is For A Complete Body
  • Custom Gel Coat & Paint Options Available
  • Individual Components Available

Complete Body Includes

  • Hood
  • Driver/Passenger Doors
  • Roof
  • Driver/Passenger Bedsides

Please call us to discuss your team's needs.  We are racers, and understand the the challenges of looking your best at the start line.  We are here to assist.